10 children photography skills

10 children photography skills

We all appreciate Jason Lee to his daughter as a model of creative children photography. The project began in 2006 when his mother was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Because his daughter is often sick, custom canvas prints can not let them go to visit their grandmother. So Jason began to take pictures for their daughters, so that grandchildren who can meet.
Jason for his daughter’s photo can be said to be creative. I believe a lot of people who read his work, all hope for their children to shoot the same wonderful photos. Here, Jason and share his own creative children’s 10 photography skills, hoping to give you inspiration.

1. Plan ahead

Naturally capturing is good, but sometimes it’s helpful to plan well before taking pictures. I take many photos need to use a lot of props. I will pre-layout of the scene, when the girls are often shooting only 1-2 minutes.

We all like smiling faces

I like smiling faces. My daughters like to laugh. I never have to tell them what to do is laugh. Instead of telling them to ‘laugh’, it is better to tell them a joke. Say something interesting, do some funny moves, make some funny sounds, and smile comes naturally.

3. By example

In many cases, it is difficult for children to make a specific posture. Instead of telling them how to pose, it is better to do it directly to them, and then let them to imitate.
4. Break the mindset

Paints the walls? really? Not really, but this idea will make the children excited. Tell them what you think, get them excited and try it out. Also do not forget to put your paint bucket hidden.

5. Join them and appear together in front of the camera

Instead of just pressing the shutter, it is better to join them. Appearing in the photo is more interesting than just taking a picture.

6. with point props
The things you can eat are useful, and when you take pictures they will have something to do.

7. Money

Small bribes and prizes will always be effective. I told them to leave these red envelopes. I did not tell them that these red envelopes are empty.

8. Photoshop magic

My children do not fly, but they can jump up. Composition may take some time to learn, but as long as the master method becomes very easy. Take a photo of someone inside, and then take a no one. Combining two photos in Photoshop, erasing those things you do not want, you get two little flying witches.

9. There is always a reason to take pictures

Think about those festivals, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Easter. Even without festivals, we have birthdays, anniversaries, carnivals and so on.

10. Keep photos simple

If possible, remove everything. I like clean and simple pictures. The main body of the photo should be the model, not anything that might distract the viewer’s attention.

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