How to better use the flash

How to better use the flash

It was a marvelous experience to use external flashes and TTL to complete the shooting in order to be able to take better portraits. If you are in some interesting location and location to do so will be more wonderful, the use of external flash and TTL is a very exciting thing, if you can use flash photography technology, canvas prints nz will help you achieve your rich ideas, and more prominent Of the subject’s personality and the surrounding environment.

First, the first analysis of natural light
Natural light and surrounding ambient light are in fact the same direction, intensity, color and softness, it is easy to find out where the shooting. Take some time to observe and think about the characteristics of these ambient light, this can help you decide how to make good use of external flash. Think about the location of your shooting as a clock custom canvas prints then place the subject in the middle, and the camera and other light sources around the subject with thr a compass, e subject in the center. The figure below is in the main use of natural light shooting characters. Natural light from the shooting of the back of the shots, through the woods, it seems not too obvious blunt, as the background light, then the effect is great.

Second, increase the external light source —- the location of each light
As showed below, during the shooting, in addition to natural light, I also used the silver reflector and an external flash. These light sources are organized in a circular shape centered on the subject. The external flash is placed at a 45 degree angles with the camera and subject.
Third, the flash position
Use of camera flashes relatively strict requirements, that are not easy. Similarly, the light from the back of the back of the main shooting directly over, so that the subject of the body of light is very strong, in the traditional character photography, this method is not often used. As showed below, the angles of the respective light sources with respect to the photographed person are 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 270 degrees, respectively. These light positions are not dead positions, you can use with their own needs flexibility.
Fourth, adjust the light position
As showed in the figure below, you can arrange your main light source at these angles, which will naturally shape the characters. In addition, the model does not need to face the strong flash poses. The movement can be natural and easier to adjust. For photographers, this light will feel more comfortable, more capable to shoot photos in line with the theme. The picture will also be more interesting because of the obvious contrast between highlights and shadows. In general, this lighting layout method is easy to control and adjust when shooting.

5. Add a partial flash or reflector
If you have determined your ambient light conditions and placed your primary light source, you can decide which position is the best place to place a local light source (partial flash or reflector). These lights will make your photo look more texture. But remember, these local light sources cannot be too close to your main light source. As showed below, in the initial light, each light source at least 90 degrees between the distance, so that all the light source complements each other, to avoid duplication of other light sources and the impact of the emergence of light effects.
Partial light relative to the main light, play a supporting role. This is the best way to enhance the creative style in your photo. If you already know how each light source works and know how to use and arrange the flash position, use them to shoot the best portraits, Style photos for you is very simple

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