My images on canvas regression line

My images on canvas regression line
I made use of escape, custom canvas from Changsha. Luoyang went to work. But in the end I was trying to avoid what is said is not clear.

Changsha to work very risky, the fix will be fired, custom canvas prints but I still come, come no turning back. Another idea modern working environment for a long time, long-term flood plain taste of life, people very reluctant, always feel a little something missing. If the image’s canvas told about it, I think the print image to canvas for me, long ago became a luxury, a kind of memory. Think about that period of time a decade ago love, happiness and joy is so, is simply the pinnacle of life, I do not know if it is true, as it has been very far away, too far away to lose the true color. It had still not become my wife Ling, really young and beautiful, lovely, pleasant warmth. Whether it is the number of sunny days or rain started falling, she would accompany me to the park, went to a disco, go to the cinema; the number of entertainment venues, have left our footprints photo canvas printer, shed our song and laughter. Wedding night, square prints after Ling and I burst of intense passion pleasure, according to her in my arms unlimited softly: ‘You use to be my all, I would take a lifetime to serve you …… ‘ At that time, I believe that it is the happiest person in the world.

However, over time, his wife’s tenderness and her flirtatious little bit faded from her body, especially when her daughter grew up, they gradually formed a habit of indifference between us at night like homework completed as wrong, not that whisper, innocent girl; not that passionate embrace, gentle Cantabile.

But my wife and I are duty of the people in the home are more responsible, with his wife and spend ten years, yet never too noisy, the family is also regarded as harmonious. In fact, there was no noise between us reason to Youyanjiangcu needs to worry about, not have to worry about the so-called third party, although his wife off at home, life is also decent.

What is missing in the end it? Perhaps with personalized photo collage canvas about it.

Day to interview a unit, passing through a park and saw many wives and women in the park having fun, really enviable. I feel behind the times. He had a kind of old feeling. Tomorrow is Saturday. In any case have to call his wife and daughter went to the park laid a favorable return. Back home, his wife was playing cards. After being laid off just over thirties wife will be fascinated by the sparrow, was rather ‘ears do not hear out of the window, heart flutter at the table,’ I went home to see his wife without looking up, lightly thrown over a word : ‘you get a meal, and then at night we play.’ Even the title is also rare that omitted. I know the things to the park have become a bubble.

Home, playing cards wife and daughter do homework. In addition to my cooking, what can we do? Sometimes cooking is also a good way alone excluded. The dinner table, poker buddies have praised my wife is used as a model husband, said his wife’s blessing good life. At this time, his wife’s laughter is a favorable, satisfied, how much also a bit proud. Nonetheless, I feel a slight bittersweet, like a sort of oppressive people’s praise. I barely smiled, thank counted, but his wife still immersed in the happiness of being agreeable, I did not care to appreciate not smile embarrassment and loneliness.

Stay away, take the day, his wife accidentally ran to the station to be sent me, said. ‘Ye change the work environment. ‘ Well instigate miles and said a lot about how to deal with them, I see her eyes a little red, I see her attention to her, then looked away in the past, the daughter told me to say goodbye. I smiled, what a nice cry, but not to the ends of the earth do not come back, but also to Changsha for, twelve hours to come, it is easy to want to come back, go back and play cards right. His wife came up to my chest that grain buttons buttoned, and patted the dust on the clothes I added that! I remember every day to make a phone call’ wife rarely give up on me, and my heart feel warm, a long absence, it moved so I cannot be calm, as if back to the past. Train is on the way, looking back from the window. I saw his wife with her daughter, was still standing there watching me ride the train goes away.

Arrived in Changsha, because they do not familiar with the environment, did not call home, the evening of Friday, received with a ‘520’ code of the local paging, I am very surprised that someone else wrong, then ignored. Then the other party even called a few times. Holding the last phone call, the phone is the wife’s voice, she said at the train station, I want to pick her up. When working in Yueyang, his wife never played my pager, pager numbers and even do not know, really surprising. Wife busy schedule came to my humble abode, to see her panting, flushed look, I think back to the first few days, once personalized photos on canvas and back to me. That night we stayed up all night, we have lots to speak of. Talk about endless love. Wife said, when I was at home she felt nothing, but when I came to Changsha, like a lost soul like abjection, very uncomfortable, even playing cards have become AIDS did not taste. ‘My husband, my husband, ‘ the wife nestled in my arms, gently stroking my eyes faint wrinkles. That’s when I began to make progress, and there is a feeling of being melted. For a long time, I did not stare affectionately and lovingly his wife.

Stayed for two days, his wife went back to the Yueyang, she said the family had to cope with her daughter, here will affect my work. She went, again and again enjoin well I have to come back to Saturday. His wife was gone, I hope every Saturday comes quickly, go to work every day when, the first thing is tantamount to call his wife at home.

Time Saturday to get back early to his wife at the train station waiting till me. She told me yesterday daughter will go to grandma, this weekend, we are no longer part a third party. I found quite enchanting wife selfish, quite fun. Of course, part of our weekend show a lot, so I cannot forget the most is that in the days of long karaoke night, my wife Tian sang the song ‘persistent’ She knows I like to listen to this song, she sings particularly good. His wife said she was tantamount to sing this song. It has been practiced for four nights.

In fact, life is so, there is print canvas cheap, and if you expect less care, less like Youyanjiangcu weekend, is a road we love home.

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