Life on the road you need prints for sale online

Life on the road you need prints for sale online

Many years later, when I think about that period vividly framed canvas prints back, honest and simple man who always do not have feelings, he said: ‘We can use rational thinking and methods to analyze their situation, to find some solutions the method, however, even the best life planning, canvas prints are not the word, impulsive. ‘

Speaking of his lengthy period of dusty canvas framed prints for many years past, his experience so that each person here to marvel at.

If this road, you are down an impulse to go down, then please, you know, life in this rare rare moment impulse, and the impulse behind this unit is that your inner flame, which groups burning refuse devoid of love flame.

In the past few days to learn where, if I sort of learned in the methods, tools, or other aspects of the case, so I cannot forget for a long time, was actually a story.

That is our canvas oil paintings speaker teachers to share with us some of the past.
About ten years ago, Beijing’s cold in the winter that year, he and his wife (then girlfriend) in Beijing has not yet taken root, rented rooms in poor condition, there is no heating. Because of the poor, women have been reluctant to buy himself a decent down jacket, cold, a woman wearing a cheap paintings canvas run hair down jacket, it is a dark green jacket, collar where there are a lot like instant noodles shall be required, each man saw a woman wearing this dress, look just like a turkey, wanted to laugh, but also how to laugh.

More, now is a pity and sad.

That day, the man finally could not stand, they took a woman, she said to the mall to walk around, if find something inexpensive art prints online down it? Woman is pleased to go.

They came to the mall, the woman tried again ah, finally again to a favorite jacket, which is silver-gray jacket with fur collar member, both light and warm, they invariably looking hanging price tag, $ 900 they winking at each other, as if the heart have to start picking up this dress.

‘Oh, I always feel cuffs too tight here.’ The woman said, while repeating the mirror dimly.

‘Why do not we go to other places around?’ The man offered.

They left the shop and tried a lot of home, are not satisfied with that piece, so the man just said to the woman: ‘No still go back and look at that dress it.’

‘? Are you crazy,’ the woman said: ‘We carry only 1,200 Yuan, this month print art online do not pay the rent.’

Man stunned: ‘Well, maybe a few every day to warm it.’

‘Yes ah, maybe this horrible weather passed quickly, to when the weather is warm, and also do not wear a down jacket.’ The woman said.

Both were preoccupied, no longer speak.


Not long gone, man looking at a woman melancholy look, the courage to say: ‘Let’s go to the shop to see it, then you try that jacket.’

Woman thought, or goes.

Since then the price is still a problem, find a reason to get out, and do not go to the local art sale online again.

However, elsewhere the clothes are not good test this effect, so back and forth, to a total store tried several times cannot decide.

When in the fifth over when fitting, woman still kept a variety of critical illnesses clothes, men quietly came to the cashier, brush the card, these clothes bought it.

Woman still kept complaining when framed paintings for sale, just listen to the salesman said: ‘You wear it, this dress is yours.’

Woman’s face at first shocked, then happy, finally, a little distressed.

‘? Are you crazy,’ the woman asked the man: ‘Do you brush $ 900, and that behind us rent how to do?’

Man only said softly: ‘OK, this is a small problem; I will try to buy print.’

Along the way, as long as the woman walked with a mirror place, we cannot help but look at myself in the mirror, his face showing a happy smile.

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