Mountain theme photography and camera settings

Mountain theme photography and camera settings

Like hiking, traveling friends, most of the time will bring a camera to take beautiful photos, and when one after another walk in the hills, and how to shoot beautiful photos of it? Take a look at this ‘mountain photography tips for getting started’ series, which refers to the tips of it!

(A) mountain under the blue sky
Hiking is the most happy when in the blue sky to enjoy! Blue sky photographed should remember to look for a suitable angle, toward the other direction of the sun is often the most blue ah! Roger went deeper sky blue, you can use the polarizer (CPL), related to the CPL tips, please refer to this article.
(B) the clouded sky
Days of ominous clouds, if you are ever in the clouds over the sky, you can also consider the use of ultra-wide-angle lens to shoot the clouds under a mountain of momentum! However, in order to preserve the brightness of the sky with clouds ground level, it is recommended to utilize GND gray gradient filter.

Photo by Valentina

(C) When there is a sea of ??clouds, cloud
This can be said after the tough climbing in exchange for the best gift! Clouds have not always been there, most of the rain in the morning sunrise or dusk produce, and you want to place higher than the clouds before we can see.

When water vapor tight plot surrounds you in the air, when they formed a cloud! Can shoot shooting clouds stumbled effect, very beautiful Quest feeling!

Photo by Takuma Kimura

(Iv) to capture interesting light
Interesting light course contains sunrise, sunset, time Magic Hour appears, but sometimes sunlight shone through the gap from the cloud will form the scattered light, and even ‘Jesus light’ phenomenon, illuminated on magnificent mountains, also it can shoot very nice photo, but saw ‘Jesus light’ really depends on luck, but there may be a very short time, shooting grip opportunity to shoot ah!

Mountain photography theme of the film and camera basic setting

(V) shoot sun Astral
Roger is very fierce midday sun, try adjusting the aperture is small, the sun is included in the photo, you can make beautiful sun Astral, but facing the sun shot underexposed care, there is a need + EV.

(Vi) Star / Xinggui
One important theme is the point of shooting off the hills to shoot the stars or Xinggui, whether ordinary or one or two of snow-capped mountains also, and even some well-known attractions, also can take this theme.

Basic camera settings
(A) make good use of aperture priority mode (A-mode)
Mountain photo shooting, in addition to the night and the stars / Xinggui photos, generally using Aperture Priority (A-mode) + average metering to shoot, first determine the required aperture / ISO (under point presentation), you can focus after shooting ,very easy! In fact, A-mode is also the author of the most commonly used model, you must take advantage of the students Ah!

(B) select the aperture
When shooting mountain photos, Aperture no specific scope, depending on the desired shooting theme, the following reference number:

Recommendations aperture effect
Sunny f / 8-11 (the smaller) photo sharp / most of the scene in the depth of field range (clear)
Clouds / Cloudy f / 5.6-8 (the larger) at the wide-angle (18mm) above, the depth of field to be careful when using the telephoto
Shooting close-up F / 1.4-3.2 (large) with a shallow depth of field to highlight the theme
Sun captured Astral f / 14-16 (small) using a small aperture to make more prominent Astral
Mountain photography theme of the film and camera basic setting

Sometimes using a larger aperture shooting close-up, shallow depth of field can bring another feeling.

(C) ISO adjustable
ISO adjust very simple, remember the following cases can be:

Recommendations ISO value Cause
Sunny / Astral lowest ISO sun lit when using low ISO can make better quality photo imaging
Cloudy with moderate ISO cloud when the cloud, the sun is not enough to have a chance, Ruoguo use f / 8 and other small aperture, the shutter speed slows down a chance to lead to blurry photos, so you can upgrade slightly ISO
Sea of ??clouds to shoot low ISO clouds appear, depending on the time, but also hand-held low-light shooting Ruoguo may slightly enhance the ISO to keep the shutter speed
Sky-high ISO, depending on the focal length used, to avoid short Xinggui on a photo, the shutter cannot be too slow, in addition to the use of large aperture outside, but also to enhance the ISO
Mountain photography theme of the film and camera basic setting
Use ISO100 plus 20 seconds slow shutter can make clouds more poetic. (Photo by Max Chu)
(Iv) the white balance setting
White’s role is to adjust the color temperature and color photos, so photos can express the feelings at the time, such as when shooting mountain sunrise and sunset, we can balance transferred to the high number of K, so photos will be warmer color; in normal sunlight down to ‘daylight’ white balance will be able to shoot normal color month. That affect the white balance of a photo, please refer to this article for teaching.

(E) the appropriate time to adjust the exposure value (+/- EV)
If thou using Aperture Priority mode, then you must learn to use ‘exposure compensation’ button, because when you’re shooting clouds, white clouds, which are a lot of things that the camera’s metering may be wrong, then you have to + EV to increase the exposure, in order to avoid underexposed, the larger white areas, the stronger increase in intensity.

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