Private indoor shooting optical viewfinder and recommendations

Private indoor shooting optical viewfinder and recommendations

In general, custom canvas the owners choose to shoot interior scenes are mainly two:

Advantages: Interior layout is relatively simple. Small debris, rectangle canvas prints is conducive to the viewfinder, and some of the hotel’s interior also have more features, can better integrate the topic.
Insufficient: Facing room type is not guaranteed, so often cause the actual shooting environment and the expected program makes a difference. Some hotels decor is very modern, missing some dramas.
Recommendation: When booking, try to require a large window less room, preferably with gauze curtains, wooden floors, bathtubs and other elements, would benefit shooting.

Bed and Breakfast
Advantages: Shanghai B u0026 B’s in fact quite a number of bright spots, there are a lot of well-made designer, and shooting conditions are more diversified, very different, tends to produce unexpected results.
Inadequate: Most of the transformation from the old house, the more light is often dim, furniture and more, things messy place.
Recommendation: Accommodation wall looks relatively clean rooms, the best you can simply move the furniture, it is possible to make the necessary space to shoot.

Of course, the basic structure similar indoor environment, want to improve shooting, here are some experience to share with you:

When the sun shines into the room, if the light is rather hard, you can pull the gauze softens light, or try to light with blinds manufacturing lines, increase the charm of the screen.

Room light when there is clear direction, allowing the model to the body side toward the sunny side. Photographers from the viewing position to the side or edge-lit backlight shot, showing a sharp light-dark boundary line will increase the overall three-dimensional picture of the character body.
Dim light the scene encountered the situation, do not rush to seek supplemental lighting. The screen kept dark tone is a good choice. Late is also no need to brighten the screen, a detail lost more harm than good. If you can make a small bundle faint light shine through, you can try to do a little outline of bright, or in some dramatic way embellishment figure.

The interior narrow limits the composition, in order to avoid disrupting chemicals in the environment, I will be more use of close-range and medium shot, according to the actual circumstances to determine the horizontal or vertical composition composition, spacious enough place, usually vertical composition easier Scotia out of both sides of the debris.

In fact, indoor shooting mirror utilization is high, particularly in narrow environments can make the picture elements a richer, broader perspective, or even to create a fantasy of color.
Looking structure may increase the prospects for the screen to be viewed, while able to block the formation of some people, to avoid too straightforward performance. For example, to shoot through the glass, or simply shoot the reflection on the glass.
Shooting the reflection of the glass surface, to adjust the camera angle based on the location of people, try to make more perfect and complete reflection.

There I used to make scarves promising approach is to use plus scarves in front of the lens to form a hazy sense of color has a softening effect. When shooting according to the site environment and the need to select a different color scarf. Of course, with a scarf it can also be used as a background, such as shop in variegated sofa or bed, to obtain a neat background tone.

From the point and face, with details of the talk. I sometimes shoot some of the more ‘extreme’ in the details, hoping thereby to generate more free association, such as hands.

In fact, so that ordinary people put a professional posture is difficult for qualified models relaxed posture is not easy to do. I often tell them how to feel comfortable with it? It is to get ourselves as a tired man, just a place to lean against. Standing, sitting, lying what is good. The key is to focus on anyone place where you feel comfortable.

Some photographers take pictures, make a model in order to make the effect of a very distorted attitude, which I do not believe. Even close-up shot, I also hope that the people are safe, there are proper support points. Only not shoot part is to relax, but also will capture close-ups convey a feeling of relaxation.

Even if there is no virtue, such as standing there, should also make models in their movements among the rhythm, do not put the operation, so as to avoid stiff, stiff, such as the universal form is walking in standing shooting.
Or when the model is tantamount to adjust their status to shoot, such as they are finishing underwear or hair. I usually side with them chatting observed, when they speak of a book, an action touched me, I would have ordered a halt at any time, at the moment they are still in the original sense of pressing the shutter.

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