Shoot macro flowers

Shoot macro flowers

Flower photography by photographers favor, and different themes and shooting practices often produces different image effects. In this tutorial, we use the new skills to shoot creative macro flowers. Mainly to teach you how to take three independent exposure of the focus of different photos, and then through the hybrid layer to get the magical image, so this tutorial contains pre-shooting and post-processing in two parts, the steps complete the details of the novices are not afraid of learning.
Before starting the actual tutorial, let’s talk about the importance of light in photography, so in order to get the best results, please choose in the warm light of the environment.
Also, although we are talking about the flowers here, but you can also try to apply to other subjects, such as forests, beaches, etc., as long as you exist in the shooting scene you want to maintain a clear focus, there can be lost Coke elements can be.

How to shoot
Subject and background
Flowers are the ideal subject for this technique. The brightly colored patches are the idyllic backdrop, with vague, purple, and pink backgrounds that enhance the picture well. If you can catch the mottled light filtered by the trees, the whole picture will be distributed A seductive fragrance.

Must be a tripod
Because we need to take three pictures of the same flower, we need a sturdy tripod to make sure that the three pictures we take are the same, so that we can align the picture exactly later. So, when you are certain that the composition, make sure that the tripod and camera will not move.

Camera settings
Set the camera to Aperture-Priority (AV) node and set it to the maximum aperture value, here we set f / 2.8. And then to maintain a lower ISO, the ideal ISO is 100. However, if you shoot just breeze, the subject is always swaying the wind, it is necessary to properly push the ISO to increase the shutter speed to prevent the rain blur.

Live view mode
Enables Live View mode and composes based on triples (you can turn on grid lines in settings to assist in composition). Make sure that the subject is in the center of interest, where we place the area of ??Interest in the top third of the frame and slightly to the right.

Manual focus
When you take a picture with a very shallow depth of field, the vast majority of the image are blurred, so you need to focus precisely. Switch your lens to manual focus (MF) and align the line framing frame to the flowers, then use the magnifying button to zoom in ten times. Adjust the focus ring until the flour is completely clear and presses the shutter button.

Transfer focus
The second and third pictures are taken while the tripod and camera are not moved. Second photo, adjusts the focus ring to the right to spend a little out of focus, and then shoot. The third photo, re-rotating the focus ring, takes another photo out of focus photos of flowers.

How late
ACR processing
Download our original image, follow the steps together! Drag the three foresight files into the ACR. Click the upper left corner of the entire election, in order to simultaneously adjust the three images, so that not only save time but also to ensure the unity of photo effects.
Basic adjustment
The color temperature is placed at 4600, making the screen warmer. Exposure value of 0.90, to enhance the image brightness. Highlight and white at the same time set to -45, pressure opaque screen in the blunt light. The blank value is set to -9 to increase the contrast between shadows and midtones. Sharpness of 28, to enhance the local contrast. Set the Saturation to 4 left color, and then click Open Image to open three photos in PS.

Add a layer
If the image is opened in a separate window, use the Move tool and hold down the Shift key to drag the files start_2 and start_1 into the file start file to form two additional layers.

Add a layer mask
Add a layer mask for Layer 1 and Layer 2, and select a softer black brush to adjust the size of the brush itself. And then at the top of the top layer with a brush to wipe out the parts you want to highlight, after the completion of the method can be used to hide or anti-color, so that the operation is hidden, and then the following layer smear, this will intuitive a lot of.
Transfer focus to take macro flowers mixed layer to create creative photos
Brightness / Contrast
Continue to switch between layers to hide and show, and then smear the photos until a satisfactory overall effect is reached. Finally, set the brightness and contrast, brightness of 10, contrast ratio of 18.

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