Simple 9 strokes to shoot a wonderful child photos

Simple 9 strokes to shoot a wonderful child photos

Pure and lovely children, moodiness, expressiveness, active, and their behavior often can bring us an unexpected surprise. Children, therefore, photography is a great and charming. However, we found that many video friends are not good at shooting children, even in the face of their beloved children, also do not know how start. Children, either in the form of a salon aesthetic to performance, can also record the innocence in documentary style, response taken by the personality and characteristics of children, mental activities, also can put the children into its place in the social environment for the comprehensive performance. In the specific application, contain the following practical techniques for reference.

Appropriate light

Regardless of what kind of subject matter film, the light is not a good or bad, only appropriate or inappropriate, children ran out. Front lighting although bring plane sense, for example, the lack of space, but in a work of children don’t need to space, suitable light shooting, there is no problem. Side light, the backlight, backlight can bring dimensional feeling and stereo feeling, but if blindly pursue the light Angle, ignore the character expression, action, also belongs to the south. Again, such as, cloudy scattered light, despite the fact that the lack of direction, but it can gently performance details. Visible light need according to the theme of the works, according to the field condition, choosing the most conducive to express the author’s feelings, the most conducive to the performance characters of soft method. The following figure, with a strong glare of the backlight for children builds a dramatic romantic effect.

Again the diagram below, the side of the provincial light highlights the child’s face.

Tone of high profile

High profile as a form of classical tone of the children’s photography, the need to control the whole picture mostly white, white and light grey tone, can give a person with bright, pure and fresh and gloomy, pale feeling. Images of black gray tone proportion are very small, although the area is small, but often this part easy to become the visual center. High profiles with photo and can be divided into soft high-profile two high profiles and hard. Sympathetic tone of high profile screen gap is very small, can show your subject hierarchy, rarely hard high-key picture tone levels, bright white part can be white to no details. High-profile figure works on view, more use bright white background or accompany the body from a large area of high-profile, again according to the exposure of the body. Usually on the basis of the average metering or central focus on metering increased 1-2 levels of exposure.

Tone of quiet

Low profile is also called the dark color, it is the overall picture very somber tone control, local higher brightness photography technique. Purpose is the large dark low tone of the foil, protrudes brighter want performance elements, with intense tone contrast, to express the work content and atmosphere. Photography is concise, mystery, dignified, implicative, the lengthy information hidden in the shadow, thus more prominent main body directly. Clap a low-key works under the condition of side light or backlight is easy to implement, in fact, many lighting conditions can realize the effect of a low profile, such as the area light, scattered light, the light, even as long as find the right contrast, late or control the contrast, can be low-key effect.
Simple 9 recruit according to clap a wonderful children

Performance relationship
Sometimes, a single child looks aesthetic feeling is not very resilient, but the combination of two or more children together, formed a certain relationship, there will be a qualitative change, you can create a new and full of aesthetic feeling. Do not appear to have the strength, to find the relationship. An aesthetic theorem is referred to as the “relationship”, say is this kind of phenomenon. In fact, the relationship is located in the final analysis is a kind of set each other off becomes an interest relations of echo. In some cases, the parties can behave as the main body and the accompany body, sometimes together party as the main body. Looking for echo relationship requires careful observation, from the appearance of the echo, action, and the content of echo several aspects.
Simple 9 recruit according to clap a wonderful children
How to capture
Children’s photography mostly advocates capture, because capturing can get the image of nature, relax, but also not completely rejects posed. Because can in posed grab at any time. Children 1 to 3 years old are the most interesting subject, is the most childlike lovely times, patient care is very important for children. It is said that children from nine months beginning to know who is “friends” who is the “enemy”. From adult tone of voice, movement, children will feel it. When you said to the boy “a handsome little boy,” said the girl “beauty”. Children will be very happy in my heart, smile here playing with you. We can also the mood, let the children more outdoor activities, let the boys with the photos, the photos with animals. The kids in an activity, the more convenient we have light, cleverly composition snapped.

Along with the foreground and background
Shoot, we sometimes find children in a between foreground and background. If with considerable depth of field recorded clearly, foreground and background will distract the audience for the subject’s attention. At this point, the need for a smaller depth of field. Specific measure is to use a longer focal length of lens, or closer to people, or the use of a larger aperture, or three measures are used together. Put the focus on his eyes again, as far as possible when the composition selects the nearest eyes focus on a precise focus, if you want to adjust the composition of a picture, but half press the shutter lock the focus, try to keep the distance from the camera eye basic same. Sometimes, we hope to get along with prospects to foul atmosphere. Actually very simple, when the outlook and the character of distance, the lens to prospect, aperture up, from a crack in the prospect of concentrate, to find the right shade position after the shooting.

Capture gestures
In photographing, often handle is referred to as a second face on the people, the importance of the visible hand. Hand is the vast majority of people in addition to facial features, communication with the outside world the most tools. Therefore, for a long time, the meaning of the gesture is becoming more and richer, through gestures, and even can determine behavior, state and mental outlook of the personalities, and even psychology. Therefore, photographers caught a vivid gesture, sometimes not less captured a vivid facial expressions, but also can receive the intangible tangible implicit effect. The diagram below, complete the character posture, facial expression, combined with flamboyant gestures, represents the inner world of rich children.
Simple 9 recruit according to clap a wonderful children
Simple 9 recruit according to clap a wonderful children
With the help of the environment
Describe the atmosphere of the environment or specific, help to reflect the temperament of personalities, identity, living conditions, lifestyle and other information. Portrait photography in a class is referred to as the “environmental portraits”, especially pay attention to and utilization of the natural environment, cultural environment, living utensils with foil characters, such as the shooting method can make people behave more deeply. Children’s photography also conforms to the regularity of photographing. We should learn to use a typical environment foil type character. Good reason is simple, but with the environment is not easy, such as a larger image on this page, uses the window, the high-end clothing, reflective foil fashion boy, is very good. The diagram below, the shepherd boy and environment organically unify in together, very rare.

Tibetan and dew
“Popular photography” 2012, 8 had published an article “” photography concealment and characters, skills in photographing tell the concealment and the important role, also suitable for children. Writer Ernest Hemingway created as “iceberg”, only one 8 of dew on the surface of the iceberg, the rest is under the water, he advocated works can’t write everything all, cannot take in everything in a glance, let the reader to guess, to leave a little mystery to explore the seven 8 of that under the “water”. Chinese artists, literature and art theorist, painters have a similar summary, the so-called “words have meaning and endless”, “poem your reservation”, “leave blank” is the theory of different expressions. Literature, painting and photography in art are interlinked, is good at hiding works can let people stare at meditation, implication for the picture with great interest. The diagram below, the use of flowing hair, beautiful leaves, or back causes our endless imagination.

We should also be fully attached great importance to the children’s clothes, hair style and toys, selection of props, not just a bit. In addition, the beautiful flowers, pleasant environment, good things cannot only arouse the children’s happy mood, can also enhance photos of romantic atmosphere.

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