Why is star portrait so good-looking

Why is star portrait so good-looking

We often see celebrities portraits. The man is handsome, woman is extraordinarily beautiful, custom canvas prints look at the portrait, the people around us who difference so big? , of course, a lot of people would be able to say that is because they look high level will be a star, but, we today to analyze the other reasons besides they face grow well. We start with a question, star when shooting nearly face portrait, why often only intercept on the forehead, rather than the entire head into the picture?

We tested a feeling come first, please choose from figure 1 a: what do you think a handsome face.

There must be many would argue that the right feel good-looking, because eye position right in the middle of the face. So this view is accurate? We look at the following figure 2.

About above two faces, rectangle prints which one looks better? If because our eyes in the middle of the face can feel beautiful, why the picture on the right position of the eyes in a face, does not let a person feel beautiful? Through the answer at the start of the test, you should understand, whether looks beautiful, what position with eyes in the face, the height of the hairline, head type, and so on factors is related. No eyes grow center is good. This is not correct.

First,head type
To fly even if carter center of France, and he still does not get Jordan’s charisma. Some people are looking for terrible bullying. Some people are always feeling bad so a little bit. The reason is? In addition to the collocation of facial features, in fact the outline of the head also influences a lot! There are various kinds of, head type I differ a list here. For the public’s aesthetic view, beautiful head shape should be round and full.

Quiet head type, is the best actress I’ve ever seen, and Chen axial chain is the best among the male star. In contrast, Nicholas the short head type is very obvious.

Second, the hair style
The role of hairstyle, first is utilized to compensate for the defects in head type. The second is utilized to modify the drawback of the facial features. A lot of actor of the hair at the top of the fluffy, is hoping to increase the height of the forehead, from the vision and make up for the inadequacy of head type.

Through the above a disappointment hairstyle contrast, we find the long fleecy head forehead proportion in the whole face. Will make people look younger. Stretch after head and will make facial features of visual identity in the proportion of face location, down in the position of the eyes.

Three, come again to talk about a composition
Screen capture from the forehead, is one of the most widespread in portrait composition. First, the use of the imagination and legend of the brain functions. Second, through increased facial features in the area in the photo, the audience’s attention. Finally through the characters facial expressions to express emotion. (short, minus all elements may be distracted. Let the viewer through image expression, to feel the need to communicate meaning, not the entire head.)

This photo, intercept composition from the forehead, viewers will be all visual attention toward the face, and automatically imagine his type. Modification of the best way is to make the audience in mind the custom style.

What kind of portrait can use the composition of a picture like this? There is just one answer – no bangs.
In photography, graphic design in, for control elements, is justified and consistent. Hair, bangs, facial component elements. Because the hair of the head again a very large area, so easier to get to our attention that, even if a little violated our visual perception, will be magnified.

Above are respectively with and without bang, then to do the contrast.

In the same method adopted from the forehead screenshots of composition, we’re just here to compare. A ban on the left, as bang way without replacement, from the vision so would destroy the whole picture.

Through adjusting the screenshots way, to the right of the bank stead fast, we can see how it is to enter the picture of the vision. Can bang in the presence of so, is decided by intercepting forehead composition only standard?

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