Street photography is what you want to shoot

Street photography is what you want to shoot

Street beat (SNAPSHOT / STREET SNAP), I think most people have a favorite theme for photography and presentation, custom canvas as long as a take home the moment is the street shooting began. Street beat, it can be very casual, can also be very strict. Be free to press the shutter to capture the sight seen. But today is to explore and discuss why street shooting? What is the purpose? The so-called street shooting really just shoots people on the street. Busy streets or buildings on the street do?
Taiwan photographer Chang Chao-tang teacher once said, canvas prints nz taking pictures to fill the emptiness. For me, photography is to fill the emptiness in addition to outside, there is dialogue and their own learning, to learn how to ‘stray’, ‘venting. ‘ We can take to wandering through the street and found the usual things that people have not been noticed, find interesting little love little things, reinterpreting them, and tell someone so ordinary as you, me, him, I saw one of the little stories that What do you see?

Now almost everyone can produce a single image tools, we can all the time to shoot street photography this action, rectangle canvas prints purposeful and purposeless street shooting street shooting, image effects and content appearing will be a significant gap between the two presented. In the digital age, all the time does not stop to generate a lot of images, resulting in some degree of flooding, but which ones are good? And what is left is worthy of discussion?
Most people in the form of street shooting and photos are too ‘superficial’, in other words, some very superficial picture, devoid of content, although we are in the process of shooting a lot, there will be some good works, but they probably We can only be attributed to good luck. Street beat fun place that is our fate and time and space to play games anywhere in the world will have interesting things happen, but we can meet it? Even if the encounter does not like to take.
Because the image is too easy to output, how to put their street shooting people and separates it? For example, Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama image style is blurred, shaking, coarse particles and high contrast, but I feel that this is not the most important factor. origami each to a country or a city, he would have in that country, the city began to walk to take pictures, and finally assembled into a book published a complete photo album on the country and the city, I think this is more important of.
The book is the only product able to last forever, and he put all the pictures taken to organize, edit and then publish, to tell others what he saw in that country and what city? What was found? Street boat will certainly affect the mood itself is directly affected by the photographer, it was said before, I attempted to go through the process of wandering street shooting emptying, assuming they do not carry any ideas and emotions to record and shoot.

Street beat the performance of the best way to…
In fact, I think the street shooting can be any place, Ximending for me is a very interesting place, it is one of the important landmarks in Taipei, there are many fashions shops, restaurants, cinemas, and gathered all kinds of kind of people, high school students, tourists, tramp, there are many street performers …… and so on, change the speed of the entire environment quickly.
So I started wondering about this place, wanted to explore the culture of this place, and hope that through observation during recording, you can get the answer I wanted to find out. Therefore, it cannot simply shoot only one or two or just take a few shots, it can Ximending is a complete description of what the place looks like. So, I go Ximending watch and wait there to take pictures, after generating a large number of images, we must begin to organize and edit.
Although there some photos are black and white and color, but in order to do the last time, in order to read the overall coordination and consistency, all the photos will then be removed saturation.
Just try to use a lot of pictures, after editing or selection, I would like to let others know the story. Street shooting is of course a very indifferent photographic mode, it does not have a certain format and framework, we can only assume the form of street shooting as a topic to perform.
Over time, you will find yourself critical and editing capabilities for image improvement, ability to tell a story will be relatively improved, otherwise it will have to stay at a single suitable photo mode. Unless a single photo on the architecture is very simple, you can tell a complete story, otherwise the power of a single photo or a little weak.
According to long-term observation and intermittent recording, Ximending for me it has always been a complex and very attractive, and hope that in the coming days, I would want to continue to integrate the Ximending story.
Get your own tone from photographs taken
To some extent, what kind of people will shoot photos of what we can put aside the so-called ‘purpose’ to take pictures when shooting lots of photos after the photo has been found that will slowly repeat certain symbols and certain elements, particularly at this time may be able to pick a few of your favorite symbols and elements, to be creative and to strengthen this part, so that the work content and more content rich.
Whether you are a beginner or photography of people, are suitable for use ‘street shooting’ way to take pictures, it may be a skill to practice on, and it is part of the mental growth, so go pick up the camera to take pictures, think of it as is a self-cultivation it!

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