Using a mobile phone to shoot good photos

Using a mobile phone to shoot good photos

Mobile phones, have now become a very popular tool to shoot, then what kind of shooting skills in shooting it? Here’s a look photographer Meissner experiences with mobile phones to take a good way to demonstrate it!

1. Shoot a lot of photos, do not worry about useless ‘dud’

In fact, when you see a great photo, in fact, I’ve shot behind two thirty useless things. Do not let those not worth mentioning ‘dud’ put you away. Photography is to try, try different angles, lighting, texture to the performance. Let your imagination run free. It is important in order to keep a keen eye and fun attitude.
Ten tips to make a good photo with your phone

2. Explore and try unusual theme

Although the use of mobile phones to take a conventional subject matter is very convenient and very interesting, but you can try them and other contents are mixed together with a cell phone pocket, everywhere I go in this world is full of amazing pictures are We are waiting for you to catch. Whether you are walking down the street, came to the country, at a concert, or just cooking food, every time out your cell phone, you will be of the opinion that there are too many of you can shoot up.

3. Fully consider the foreground and background

If your main focus is in the foreground of the picture, do not be other details on the background to disrupt the visual center. Equally prominent in the background picture, the background is too messy or distracted, is likely to harm the overall shooting. Take some time to step back and look at the whole picture of the lens, when something should not appear in the background, you should try to move the position or shooting from fresh angles.

4. Consideration composition and framing

Usually we will unique composition as a way to attract attention to the way their own photos, in fact, you can also use a natural approach to improve and increase the dimension of depth picture. For example, everywhere in the windows can be manufactured very nice framework, but also to provide sufficient light perception. Something inside the window frame will become the center of attention, and everything outside is ignored and hidden. You can also use something produced to imitate the effect of framing, mirrors, picture frames, some of the city’s facilities Multiple Structure can help you get a unique photo.
5. Do not use the zoom

Unlike ordinary cameras, smart phones have only one lens, the zoom function of analog and digital signals, the use of his photographs often leads to deterioration of the quality or the image blurred. My advice is to take pictures after the completion, then cut according to the zoom effect you want, to ensure picture quality.

6. With regard to color and black and white

Whether shooting in black and white or color, it is entirely your own point of view and style. Nevertheless, I want you to consider what kind of mood photo expression, or would like to draw what kind of emotions. You can always use filters and effects, and color contrast, etc., to find the best way to convey the story of the photo.

7. When you know your cell phone camera functions

Your phone camera has a lot of potential features that you do not know, and in the market there are plenty of accessories and applications that can help improve your photography experience. For example, App, there are several applications on the shutter speed, allowing you to speed up or slow down the shutter speed. The effect obtained is very alarming.
Familiar filter light ratio, frames and textures, to learn how to use focus, exposure control, shutter speed and other auxiliary equipment, all of these things you will have numerous benefits. In addition to learning so simple, you think i need to practice more.

8. Know when to use filters

Filter is a talented photographer companion. It can deepen photo emotions can really help you convey information effectively photos. However, the most worthy should be thinking about how to use them. Filters are becoming a more common tool, but not so you do not make plans and ideas random original photo looks a certain type of filter effects used stuff after. If it does not really bring anything to you, do not use it.

9. Take a moment to think about the light

No light, no photos, it is a reality. So whenever you encounter low light conditions would be required to search for the light source. This may also be the advantage of the photo. Looking for lamps, lanterns, spotlights, and even move the light source, such as automobile taillights, with the right lighting, the pictures do not begin immediately, but with the light source illuminates the scene you wish to shoot.
You can also use public phone’s built-in flash lights, but this is usually more harm than good, built-in flash is difficult to control, often lose all color levels. Believe in yourself, look for a constant light source, and accept the challenge in this environment given.

10. The inspiration. Holding fun

To see the exhibit, or browse the Internet to collect your favorite photographers so that you get inspired. The ideas and angles are mixed up, shooting angle can be high or low. People can shoot from the hip Angle’s head. Accept different perspectives, take a lot of pictures. You will be some of the atmosphere is very high, at play photographs stunned, and they tend to be very curious.

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