1. Can I preview my images before ordering?

Once you upload an image on our website, it will allow you edit and preview image online. If you do not want to edit photo by yourself. Or if your photo is too large, it may take some time for uploading. You can send it via email or share us images via dropbox or google drive. Our email address is support@customcanvas.co.nz Then we will get back to you with 3D preview shortly.

2.How long until I can expect my canvas to arrive?

  • Processing Time: Once we receive your full payment, our team begins processing your order immediately. This includes carefully preparing your canvas prints for production, ensuring the highest quality standards are met. Our dedicated professionals work diligently to complete this process efficiently.

  • Production Time: After the initial processing, our state-of-the-art printing technology comes into play. Each canvas print is meticulously crafted to showcase your chosen image with exceptional clarity and vibrant colors. Our skilled technicians pay close attention to detail to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations.

  • Shipping Time: Once your canvas prints are ready, they are carefully packaged to protect them during transit. We collaborate with trusted shipping partners to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your order. The shipping time typically depends on your location and the logistics involved. On average, you can expect your canvas prints to be delivered within 5-7 working days from the date of full payment.

Please note that while we strive to adhere to these delivery estimates, unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather conditions or logistical delays may occur. In such cases, we will do our best to keep you informed and minimize any inconvenience caused.

3.Do you do custom sizes?

Yes, if the sizes you need does not list on our website, you can email us for a custom size, and the largest size we can do is 120x180cm.

4.How long do prints last?

At least 70 years without noticeable fade in indoor conditions, away from excessive sunlight.

5.How can I know if my image is good enough for printing.

Whether a image is good enough for printing depends on the size and image you selected, if you are not sure about the quality of your image, you can send through your image with required size to support@customcanvas.co.nz then our designer will help to check the quality and offer 3D preview of your image soon.

6.Will the colors I see on screen be the same as the finished canvas?

Rest assured, our team of experts meticulously examines each image to ensure it looks its best before printing. We have implemented quality control measures to maintain consistency and strive to achieve the highest level of color accuracy possible. However, it is important to recognize that absolute color matching across different mediums is challenging.

7.Will my canvas be the same as the image I sent you?

Images can vary depending on the size you have ordered due to scale and proportion, sometimes we will crop images to fit the size, but we will send you preview before printing orders via email, so please pay attention to your mailbox, and it will be better to save our support email (support@customcanvas.co.nz) to your list to avoid confirmation emails go to junk folder.

8.I've seen some canvases where the image wraps around the frame, do you do that?

When gallery wrapping will not affect the subject matter or the balance of the image we will do that as our preferred option.
If on first glance something important will obviously be affected by gallery wrapping, e.g. faces mbs are close to edges or the subject is balanced by its environment, we will recommend mirror wrap for color wrap to avoid important part of image wrapped around canvas sides. If you have a preference it is best you email us once you have placed your order, otherwise we'll use our experience and expertise to bring out the best in your canvas.

9.How do I care for my canvas?

To maintain and increase the lifespan of your canvas, do not expose to continuous, strong sunlight or moisture. A light vacuum with the brush attachment will get rid of any dust on the surface.

10.How does the shopping cart work?

Just like a shopping cart at a supermarket, you can put things in your cart without committing to them – it is just a way of holding onto things that you are interested in. You can check the contents of your cart at any time by clicking on the view cart link along the top of the page. When you have finished shopping click on the ‘view cart’, then click on the checkout button. You fill in your personal details there and the order is confirmed on payment.

11.What about my personal details?

Your personal details are essential for the delivery of the items you have ordered. This information is for our records only and will not be passed onto any third party.

12.Do you accept PayPal for payment?

Yes, we accept PayPal for payment, it is easist and safest way to pay online, if you do not have a PayPal account,you can also pay us via your credit or debit card.

13.How much is delivery?

NZD9.95 per order deliver to NZ and wide, and NZD19.95 per order to other countries.

14.How do you pack the canvas print for delivery?

They are shrink-wrapped, bubble wrapped then boxed.

15.How do I send my picture to you?

You can upload your image on our website, if your images are too large to upload, you can also send them via email or dropbox which allow you send super large file.

16.What is the policy on returned canvases?

We do not accept returned canvases if you have changed your mind. Canvases with printing imperfections will be replaced free of charge.

17.Damages in Transit

Items damaged in transit can be replaced if you notify us immediately, and take some pictures to us, these picture should include: damage items, overall package, and the picture of mailway bill make sure it still pasted on the package.


Custom Canvas does not own the image or the right to print the image beyond the order without your express permission.

19.How do I use my discount code?

Enter your unique discount code into the appropriate promotional box at the checkout page.If there is a difference to pay then you will be directed to the DPS gateway.If there is no difference to pay then the order will binalized.

20.Terms and Conditions

You can read our terms and conditions along with our returns policy here.

21.Your prices are very very good compared to other companies printing to canvas, are you using high quality material?

We use high quality Epson inks, high quality large format Epson printers, high quality canvas materials and most importantly take great pride in our work and reputation. We are factory directly sell to public and keep prices competitive and our customers happy.

22.What is the thickness of the frame you use?

The standard frame we use is 3cm thick, and we have 2cm and 4cm thick frame for your choice, you can email us if you need these dimension.

23.My question isn’t answered here

If you haven’t found the answer to your question, feel free to contact us